After years of competing successfully in various disciplines and exposing himself to new industries, Alex has built a career from his driving talents and event skills, he now offers the following services:



Alex has been fortunate enough to drive many different race cars across his career so far, sometime jumping into a race last minute with little or no testing. This has helped him to develop a highly adaptable skillset, allowing him to jump in and get to the pace on a new car or track quickly.

This, coupled with an FIA International licence and rated as a Silver, would allow him to slot into most PRO or PRO-AM lineups.

Beyond racing, Alex has experience as a professional driver for car setup & development, driving events and filming projects.


On-track coaching is the most cost-effective way to reduce your lap times, whilst also improving your general driving skill, awareness, racecraft, confidence and consistency.


Rated as a 'Grade A' instructor by ARDS (Association of Racing Driver Schools), Alex has worked for a variety of private individuals, race teams, vehicle manufacturers and events agencies in this capacity.

Alex offers coaching for all skill and experience levels, whether you're attending your first track day, or planning out a multiple-season program to achieve your motorsport goals, Alex can help!


For the past five years, Alex has also been active in the automotive events space, working for multiple household name brands in various roles. This led him to start his own track events company, Vertex VIP in 2019.

Alex is perfectly placed to assist you in the creation of your next driving event, as a result of his knowledge of event planning, operations and logistics, his expertise from behind the wheel and his contact book of motorsport and event professionals.


Alex also has experience as a product expert, presenter and demonstrator, usually showcasing new vehicles to dealers and customers in small-group training or presentation environments.

Alex is always open to new opportunities, if you would like to speak to Alex regarding these services or enquire about his availability, please enquire.