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After the challenging conditions of the last test, a sunny Donington Park provided Alex with a full day of dry testing.

It was a big change to finally have a dry track. The last time Alex had a completely dry track was back in December at his first test.

Earlier in the week Alex found out that he had a new sponsor on his car, Carlube will support Alex alongside MIS Motorsport, in his maiden season.

In readiness for the Ginetta Media day on the 11th March the team had applied some Carlube and styling stickers, the remaining MIS Motorsport branding will be applied at the Media Day.

Having never driven around the fast, technical and challenging Donington Park circuit before, the first couple of runs were used to learn the track and find the necessary braking points. Once these were sorted out, Alex’s driver coach Adam Morgan shared his experience and little “secrets” about the circuit and lap by lap Alex’s times got faster and faster.

Session by session working with the team’s engineers, Alex used the data recorded on the car to fine tune his lap times and explore the limits of the car and circuit.

After a full day’s testing in the Derbyshire sunshine Alex left the circuit very pleased and ready for the next test at the Ginetta Media Day at Silverstone.


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