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As the UK enters the eighth week of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alex prepares for his final race in the Vertex Stock Car Cup at the famous Martinsville Speedway.

Short on real-life racing opportunities due to the pandemic, Alex has created his own eSports series using the iRacing platform so he can continue racing and also share the experience with fellow racers and friends.

“I have used iRacing for a few years to help me prepare for different races and keep my racecraft sharp. When the COVID-19 virus hit it was not long until all racing was shut down. With no racing, and all my 2020 plans put on hold, I decided to see if I could create an online race series. From this the Vertex Stock Car Series was born,” commented Alex.

Back in February, Alex had been lucky enough to be invited to the Daytona 500. Little did he know, as he sat planning his 2020 season that, in less than a month, the world would change and iRacing would become his only opportunity to race.

Move the clock forward three months, iRacing has enabled Alex to set two pole positions and take two race wins, and tonight, he will line up with thirty other drivers for the final round of the Vertex Stock Car Series.

Leading all the pro-drivers in the series, Alex has one objective, to take the win and finish on a high before setting his sights on a return to the real racetrack.

Even in a lockdown, you can still go racing...


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