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The 2019 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Finals kick off at Zolder on the 5th October and Alex will be back aboard the #90 Braxx Racing Chevrolet Camaro.

2019 will be remembered for many different things around the world but, for Euro NASCAR, it will be remembered for the introduction of the new control tyre supplied by General Tires, new specification springs, dampers and rear aero.

The objective of the changes was to put both new and old teams, old and new drivers on a level playing-field and make the NASCAR racing even purer. The Pure Racing mantel is part of NASCAR’s DNA as the only major racing series where the driver makes the difference, not the electronic control systems. Where rubbing between cars is part of the race, not a penalty, and the cars can follow their roots back to classic American muscle cars.

The grid consists of cars sporting the legendary American brands: Ford and Chevrolet, combined with the world’s largest car manufacturer: Toyota.

The changes to the cars in 2019 have forced all the teams to have to relearn the car and individual circuit set-ups. Historic base settings, which had worked previously, simply do not work with the new changes.

The season started off strongly, finishing 6th overall and 2nd junior in the opening race in Valencia, Spain. Unfortunately, this was to be the highlight of the year to this point, after a season plagued with reliability and setup issues, plus a bit of bad luck!

The penultimate round in Hockenheim last weekend saw Braxx Racing return to the Euro

NASCAR paddock albeit with just a single car and driver. The signs were positive and, as a result, Alex is looking forward to competing at Zolder.

"It's been a while now since I've been in a race car, but I'm excited to get to one of my favourite tracks, where we had good pace last year and in our sole pre-season test. It should be a good one! It's been a hard year, but I intend to finish it on a high, on the podium ready to get a head start on 2020."

The Final kicks off on Wednesday 3rd October with the traditional drive of the race cars into the town centre, from the Zolder race circuit, for the fans to meet the drivers.

Alex has spent the time he has been away from NASCAR launching his new company, Vertex Sports Management and Vertex Experience. Alex will provide management and coaching services to drivers to improve their performance and develop all aspects of their motorsport career. Whether it is at event PR, marketing and social media support, driver coaching or creating track-based events using the 'in-house' Renaultsport Clio 200 track car.

More details on Alex’s company Vertex can be found at


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