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In the lead up to the NWES Finals at Zolder later this month, Alex will head to Belgium this weekend to lead the Pro-Drivers Racing team in the 24 hours of Spa.

Alex is no stranger to endurance competition, having competed previously twice in the Dubai 24 hours, finishing 2nd in 2017 before going on to win the 12 Hours of Imola. He also competed at the Rockingham 24 earlier this year, which was the debut of the car he will be racing at Spa.

“Over the winter my Father and I were looking for a project to keep us busy and we settled on building a Citroen C1 race car. As ever, it soon spiralled out of control and, after a couple of cold months building the car up on our driveway, we made our debut as a team at the Rockingham 24 hours in May. We finished the race with zero problems which was a huge achievement in itself,” said Alex.

Following on from Rockingham, the team competed in a four hour race at Snetterton before being rebranded as Pro-Drivers Racing, after the automotive agency of the same name.

“I have worked for Pro-Drivers for around 18 months now and, bringing them onboard with our race program as a way to motivate the agencies drivers and provide a different way to promote and build client relationships, seemed like a no brainer really.”

Alex will be joined this weekend by his four teammates, Scott Jeffs (Mini Challenge), Cameron Davies (Peugeot Rally Cup Iberica), Andy Mollison (750MC Enduro) and Katie Milner (Ginetta GT5 Challenge).

“Both myself and Scott are the only drivers to have competed in every C1 race we have entered so far so we have a good idea of what to expect! Andy was competing against us in Rockingham so he has C1 experience and also experience of Spa. So does Katie from racing there in Ginettas earlier in the year and Cameron, despite having more rally than race experience, will be right up there too.”

“We have a good driver lineup and a great team behind us, it’ll be a busy weekend for me as not only am I driving, but I’m also in charge of Pro-Drivers social media content and have the role of Team Manager! I can’t wait to get stuck in.”

Testing begins on Friday and you will be able to follow along on both Alex’s social media channels, as well as the Pro-Drivers channels.

“With 45 cars in our class and an overall grid size of around 100 cars it’ll be tough, but we’re up for the challenge. With only 68hp the cars are not very fast, but the drivers are, with competitors ranging from BTCC drivers to British GT winners, we have to be on the top of our game, with no room for error.”

The race starts at 16:30 on Saturday 6th October and will finish on Sunday 7th.


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